Wildlife Removal: A Positive Trend


As urban sprawl and industrialization, slowly eat away at the natural habitats of wildlife across America the need for wildlife removal increases. In the not so distant past, wildlife removal and chicago squirrel control companies focused on eliminating the potential threat to humans and property at the lowest cost. Attention to the welfare of the animal was of little concern particularly if the animal was dangerous. Happily, an attitude toward removing the offending animals, whether legitimately dangerous or merely annoying, has changed.

Wildlife removal procedures, and the laws that govern them, vary greatly from state to state. Most state laws grant a significant amount of latitude to land and homeowners with respect to removing wildlife. However, along with this latitude, property owners are encouraged to make every possible effort to remove and relocate the animal safely.

In some states, large game animals are considered too dangerous for removal by homeowners or even animal removal professionals. In these cases, particular state agencies are charged with removing these animals. These agencies are instructed to use as much care as possible in the relocation process. These guidelines underscore the new attitudes of governments toward wildlife removal. The emphasis is no longer on the most inexpensive solution but has shifted to the humane treatment of the animal.

Perhaps the state that best exemplifies the current trend in humane wildlife removal is Alaska. Due to the enormity of its landscape and the rugged nature of its terrain, Alaska is forced to continuously refine and retool its efforts in this area. Another difficulty the state faces is the unique nature of its animal population. A significant number of the animals in Alaska pose a substantial threat to the safety and welfare of the state’s human population. Alaska puts an enormous amount of energy, money and training into the humane treatment of wildlife within it’s boarders. An excellent example of the state’s efforts is it’s ongoing partnership with privately owned animal hospitals and veterinarians. This program allows for the treatment and rehabilitation of animals prior to their release back into the wild.

squirrelPerhaps nowhere is the trend toward the humane treatment of animals during wildlife removal more evident than in the privately owned businesses within the industry. More and more often, a key selling point for these companies is the guarantee that every effort will be made to safely remove the animal and that the utmost care will be taken in relocating it to an appropriate environment. Companies like Chicago Squirrel Control are clearly responding to the demand of everyday consumers for the humane treatment and relocation of these animals.